Wrongful death’ means that somebody died through the wrongful negligence of some action that occurred, either by an act, omission or misconduct of another person (or company). Examples might be, a car accident, a premises liability situation, a boating accident, a medical malpractice case, or a product liability, any situation whereby a death has been caused by the negligence of the defendant or another party. These cases can involve many factors and sometimes multiple defendants and it is important to have an experienced and strong Pennsylvania wrongful death lawyer on your side.


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Don’t Delay. Talk To An Attorney As Soon As Possible.

Hiring a wrongful death lawyer as soon as possible is crucial and actually more important than any other type of legal matter. In Pennsylvania wrongful death cases have a two-year statute of limitations. The reason that you need to get an attorney involved as soon as possible is not just because of the statute of limitations, but also to handle such matters as the preservation of evidence, gathering witnesses, hiring of experts, to gather data and evidence necessary to see if you can prove the case.

DO NOT say anything to or sign anything from an insurance or medical company after a wrongful death. ALWAYS TALK TO A PHILADELPHIA WRONGFUL DEATH LAWYER FIRST!

What Are Some Common Issues That Happen With Wrongful Death Cases?

One of the more common defenses in a wrongful death accident case is that there are really a restricted number of people who can actually make a claim in a wrongful death accident case. Those people are called potential beneficiaries, and in a wrongful death case, there are very specific potential beneficiaries. If those people don’t exist in the deceased life, then there is no case.

How Can Wrongful Death Law Firms Help With Your Case?

Wrongful death accident cases are very difficult emotionally, legally complex and for very high financial stakes. You will need to field many calls from the insurance companies involved. To maximize your claim, we strongly recommend you do not speak with them until speaking with a lawyer first. An insurance company, whether your own or otherwise, is always going to do what’s best for the insurance company; they know that in the aftermath of a terrible accident people are often overwhelmed and can be taken advantage of while their guard is down.

What Types of Damages Can Be Recovered?

The Pennsylvania Wrongful Death Statute outlines all of the specific types of damages that can be recovered. In the case of an adult, it can become very complicated because of the issues of finances including the amount of money that the person would have earned over the course of their life. In those types of cases, our lawyers would utilize experts such as accountants and other financial experts who will provide us with a very specific financial outline as to what those expenses would be and what the family would be entitled to.

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