Accidents involving trucks, including 18-wheeled trucks, tractor trailers, dump trucks, vans and other commercial vehicles, statistically account for about 3 times more serious injuries and deaths than accidents in conventional cars. Why? The severity of the consequences is related to the size, weight and speed of these trucks. The nature of accidents and the seriousness of the damage make communication with a truck accident lawyer in Philadelphia that will protect your rights even more important.

The difference between an accident involving a truck and a car accident.

Although both these types of accidents can lead to injuries, incidents involving a truck are governed by regulations that are fundamentally different from those for cars. This means that there are many issues that usually arise when accidents involving trucks, but do not appear in other accidents. In addition, there are many other federal regulations and regulations that regulate all trucking, but are not applicable to cars.

Cases involving accidents involving trucks are complicated by the fact that large companies usually appear in them, and there are many parties in the case. There may be legal issues related to employee compensation and case management outside the state. Often, a full reconstruction of the accident, conducted by an expert, is required to determine all causes and guilty parties.

Typical types of cases of accidents involving trucks, with which we work:

  • Accident involving a tractor with a trailer. Accidents involving such trucks lead to one of the worst consequences. To determine the guilty party, you need a lawyer for accidents involving trucks, which will conduct an investigation that allows you to recover money from all sides, the perpetrators of the injury.
  • Accident involving a commercial vehicle. These cars can be seen on the streets of Philadelphia every day. These include: trucks for the delivery of goods, working vans, freight vans, etc. Drivers of these commercial trucks must have appropriate training (which they often do not have) to ensure traffic safety.
  • Accident involving a school bus. Although this is not quite a truck, but such a huge yellow bus can lead to serious injuries to own passengers and drivers of other vehicles. Many of these buses are technically obsolete and pose a danger on the road.
  • Accident involving a garbage truck. In Philadelphia these horrible truck sizes are a necessary evil. Their size, weight and frequent stops (often without paying attention to other road users) can lead to serious damage during the accident.

When should I contact a lawyer for truck accidents?

Immediately! Cases involving truck accidents are very complex, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of contacting the KaplunMarx lawyers for truck accidents in Philadelphia. Investigators, representatives of the insurance company and others will continuously call you after the incident. DO NOT CONSIDER WITH THEM, DO NOT GIVE PRELIMINARY WITH US!

As your lawyer, KaplunMarx will defend your interests before insurance companies and will ensure that you receive the maximum possible payment, through court or extrajudicially.

Why is our legal company your right choice:

1. Personal service : you communicate with your lawyer, not his assistant. We are always available for personal discussions and questions.

2. Knowledge : KaplunMarx attorneys for bodily injuries have extensive knowledge of legislation and all the tricks of insurance companies. We apply our experience so that you receive the maximum compensation in your case.

3. Results : KaplunMarx attorneys have already made multi-million payments for bodily injuries to their clients. In the end, we try to achieve maximum payments for the affected customers. Do not have to take our word for it, find out the customers’ opinion about our law firm ..

We help drivers injured in road accidents involving trucks throughout the state of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, 24/7. We are always ready to help you.

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