Юридическая помощь в Филадельфии при железнодорожном происшествии

Cases of railway accidents are usually very complicated, they involve

large companies, and state organizations, insurance companies and many

parties directly related to the railway accident. In addition, play a role

such factors as equipment malfunction, overload, maintenance and regulations

railways. Often a complete reconstruction of the event is

short terms to identify its causes and responsible parties. Cases of

railway accidents can be very confusing and take a lot of time,

but we will fight for your rights and ensure the winning of your case.

Let KaplunMarx help you, and remember that YOU DO NOT PAY ANYTHING until

we will not win your case.

Railway accident lawyers against SEPTA

SEPTA (Transport service in Southeast Pennsylvania) every day

provides transportation to millions of people throughout Philadelphia, counties

Montgomery, Delaware, Bucks and Chester. The SEPTA service also serves trains and

trolleybuses, which are generally safe enough

movement, however, they suffer an accident. Cases of injuries resulting from

accidents, as well as hard shaking and jolting, must be conducted by a lawyer familiar with the claims

against SEPTA, as they are a public organization under the protection of the Law


SEPTA, being a state organization, has statutory limits

compensation payments: for one claim it is $ 250,000, and $ 1 million for one accident in

total amount (regardless of the number of affected parties). So you need

lawyer for cases against SEPTA, he will act as quickly as possible to

guarantee that the money will not end until the court will consider your claim. Lawyers

KaplunMarx have extensive experience in cases against SEPTA – we will help you get

best result.

DO NOT LOSE. Talk to a lawyer as soon as possible.

Protect Your Rights

After the railway accident you will need to respond to many unpleasant

phone calls from agencies and insurance companies. To maximize

your chance to win in business, we recommend not talking to insurance companies

before you do not talk to a lawyer.

NEVER say anything and do not sign anything from the insurance company


What are your Rights?

If you or your loved one are injured in a railway accident, you have

the right to compensation for the following items:

● Medical costs, including the costs required for the current

● Loss of wages including current losses, if injuries are received

● Compensation for moral damage and emotional shock, including

● Compensation for death as a result of unlawful acts, including

As your representative, KaplunMarx will fervently uphold your interests

insurance companies and ensures that you receive maximum compensation,

in the court or outside it.

Why we are the law firm you are looking for:


made your return to your previous job impossible.

post-traumatic stress, feelings of anxiety and a decline in the quality of life.

medical bills for treatment incurred before the death of a loved one,

expenses for funerals and loss of future earnings.

1. Individual approach – Talk with your lawyer, not with

secretary; We are always available to deal with your

business and answer any questions.

2. Experience – Dispute Resolution Experts

Bodily injuries in KaplunMarx perfectly know the law and all

tricks of insurance companies; We use our experience to help

you get maximum compensation.

3. Results – Lawyers in KaplunMarx helped to get millions

dollars to our customers. Profitability: we strive to obtain

maximum compensation for all of its clients who

injuries; do not take a word – check for yourself what

our clients talk about our Law Firm.

We help around the clock 7 days a week to victims of railway accidents by

all of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we are always there to help you.

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