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Each case is individual

KaplunMarx attorneys are a professional team led by two motivated and enthusiastic lawyers – Ted Kaplun and Jonathan Marks. Our law firm specializes in helping victims receive maximum monetary compensation in the case of harm to their health. In our company, you will never be treated simply as a regular customer. We are lawyers in cases involving injuries. We will go this way step by step with you, because every case is individual. 

  • Maximum monetary compensation for our clients in court
  • Maximum cash compensation for our clients out of court

We also provide protection in criminal cases. In any case, we always take care of the interests of our customers. That is why the cases related to the damage to health, we are conducting on the terms “did not win – did not pay”. We do not charge hidden rewards for representing your interests and provide each client with a primary consultation free of charge .

KaplunMarx – when the result is really important

Lawyers Ted Kaplun and Jonathan D. Marx have more than 25 years of experience, they have won millions of dollars in damages, and have provided justice and freedom for hundreds of their clients in criminal trials .

That’s what you can be sure of when working with KaplunMarx

  • Legal representation of your interests from beginning to end – at the highest level
  • Personal attention to you lawyer who will be available to you at any time
  • The best solution to your question

Our clients are our business

Hell WOCATE KaplunMarx company received the maximum rating of 10.0 on Avvo.com in cases of damage to health and criminal processes. We are members of a prestigious association of forensic lawyers in the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our law firm is accredited with BBB, A rating and is known for the quality of legal services that each client provides. These remarkable achievements are only a small part of our history. Most of all, we are proud of  customer feedback  and results of business ,which speak for themselves. Whether it is a large compensation for damage to the health of our client, or the protection of the client’s freedom in the criminal process, our goal remains simple: to provide you with a lawyer whom we would like to have at a difficult time for ourselves or our family members .


Lawyers for cases involving damage to health that will defend your rights

After the accident, our customers have many questions, for example :

  • Who will pay the medical bills ?
  • I am constantly called by insurance companies, what can I tell them ?
  • What are my rights
  • What kind of compensation will I receive ?
  • How will my action be affected by a limited tort
  • Can I access the recording of surveillance cameras?

It is at such a difficult time you can contact KaplunMarx to find answers to your questions and get help on the road to ensure full compensation . If you have suffered, you need a law firm that is not afraid to confront large insurance companies and works with most complex cases of mutilation. This is what our firm is famous for .

We promise you

  • A lawyer with an excellent knowledge of the legislation concerning personal injuries and the insurance industry
  • An attorney who will work diligently on your personal business so that you can get the maximum monetary compensation for injuries – by negotiation or by judicial procedure
  • An attorney who can really get down to your business and promote it .
  • We carefully select each case related to the damage to health, so that each case is given the maximum attention and the best result.

Remember, you do not PAY until we get compensation for you. If we do not do this, you will NOTHING to us anything. Although we have a lot of business in Philadelphia, our lawyers work throughout the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Therefore, if you or one of your relatives is seriously injured due to non-compliance with safety standards or someone’s negligence in these states, we can help you.

We provide assistance to victims of accidents in Pennsylvania and New Jersey in 24/7 mode .

We are always ready to help you .

KAPLUNMARX: If our customers CAN win, they WIN