Юридическая помощь пострадавшим от укусов собак в Филадельфии

Under Pennsylvania law, if a dog has not previously bitten people, one of two legal remedies applies, which depends on the nature of the wound received. Wounds can be classified as heavy or netyazholye .  

A severe wound involves any bodily injury such as broken bones or disfiguring laceration, requiring multiple sutures or cosmetic surgery. However, Pennsylvania imposes strict liability on any damage caused by severe wounds or in case the dog has already been convicted of aggressive behavior. Pennsylvania also imposes strict obligations to provide medical assistance after a dog bite, even if the dog or its owner has not been convicted of aggressive behavior.

In other cases, bite victims may receive compensation for the damage caused by the owner’s negligence, as well as for violating the animal control law. Compensation for damage from a bite is covered by the parties’ insurance policy: the homeowner or the lessee. A lot of information about incidents with dog bites is available on our website, but the best way to protect your rights is to contact the lawyers of KaplunMarx, especially before you talk to anyone and especially sign any papers.  

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You were bitten by a dog. What to do?

First of all, you need to get first aid, including a rabies test, then be sure to call a lawyer who will help you deal with insurance companies. Often, the owner of the dog has a homeowner’s policy, but the situations are different, and there may be other parties and their insurance companies responsible for your injury. The process can be unbearable, and insurance companies can easily take advantage of your situation and reimburse far less possible compensation. Your best choice is consulting KaplunMarx, our lawyers have extensive experience with dealing with injuries caused by dog bites, and work to ensure that you receive well-deserved compensation.

What you need to remember if you got a wound from a dog bite

Dog bites are often associated with chronic, disabling effects. Lawyers KaplunMarx Philadelphia take into account 3 key factors in assessing damage from dog bites:

  • Medical bills , care costs, operations, etc.
  • The consequences of damage to the dog’s bite (for example, the formation of scars, the use of plastic surgery, etc.)
  • Moral damage to the injured party

DO NOT LOSE. Talk to a lawyer as soon as possible . Evidence and witnesses must be found and recorded, otherwise they may disappear.

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