Car accidents are one of the most frequent and common causes of injuries in Philadelphia. The accident can at one point change your life, leaving alone with high bills for medical care or in mourning for the loss of a loved one. The accident can also have serious financial consequences, since it will be hard for you to pay bills if your injuries interfere with work or have suffered or the breadwinner of your family has died.

Victims of accidents have to deal with injuries, which often have terrible consequences, including concussion, pain and suffering, loss of work and income, and huge medical bills. In addition, after the incident, insurance companies will continuously call you. The whole process can be confusing and take up time and money.

Common Questions

Who will pay my medical bills?

Who will pay for the repair of my car?

Full or limited liability insurance?

Incorrectly insured or uninsured driver?

These are the questions that we have to answer every day. We will investigate the incident, talk to insurance companies on your behalf and help you deal with your medical bills and treatment options, and you will focus on the most important – on your health.

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Protect your rights

After a car accident, you will have to answer many calls from all interested insurance companies. To maximize the amount of your compensation, we strongly recommend that you do not communicate with them until you talk to a lawyer. The insurance company, yours or your opponent, always pursues its own interests. They know perfectly well that after a car accident people are often too excited and try to take advantage of their defenselessness.

Do not discuss or sign anything with the insurance company after a car accident. Always talk to a lawyer first!

What rights do you have?

If you or one of your loved ones are injured in a car accident in Philadelphia, you may be eligible for the following compensation:

  • Medical expenses , including the necessary costs for long-term treatment.
  • Loss of salary , including long-term losses in case your damage made it impossible to return to previous work.
  • Pain, suffering and emotional distress , including compensation for post-traumatic stress, anxiety and a decline in the quality of life.
  • Forced death , including funeral expenses, medical bills for your loved one before his death and loss of income in the future.

As your lawyer, KaplunMarx will defend your interests before insurance companies and will ensure that you receive the maximum possible payment, through court or extrajudicially.

How quickly should I contact a lawyer after a car accident?

The truth is that, after a car accident, time is your enemy . The evidence on the scene, such as traces of inhibition or video, may disappear; witnesses will forget about what happened, or they will not be found; and insurance companies will always try to force you to sign a recorded statement.

DO NOT STAY IN THE FASTER. Talk to a lawyer as soon as possible.

What will we do for you?

After the accident, it is important to find a knowledgeable and sensitive lawyer for an accident. KaplunMarx Company has extensive experience in representing interests of clients affected in various situations with motor vehicles, including:

Our car accident lawyers will be with you at every step of the way. We will help you investigate your case, interview and summon witnesses, take into account what can help in your case, for example, recording telephone conversations. To receive compensation for an accident, you must prove that the accused carelessly operated the vehicle, which led to the accident in which you were injured. We will help you prepare a convincing case for the other party to be found guilty.

In some cases, there may be several respondents responsible for paying you compensation. For example, if the airbags or other elements of your car did not work properly, which aggravated damage to the person during the collision, then you can potentially file a claim both for the driver who caused the accident and for the car manufacturer. If the driver of the truck became the culprit of your accident, then you can file a lawsuit against him and his employer.

Why is our legal company your right choice:

  • Personal service : you communicate with your lawyer, not with his assistant. We are always available for personal discussions and questions.
  • Knowledge : KaplunMarx lawyers for bodily injuries have extensive knowledge of legislation and all the tricks of insurance companies. We apply our experience so that you receive the maximum compensation in your case.
  • Results : KaplunMarx attorneys have already made multi-million payments for their injuries to their clients. In the end, we try to achieve maximum payments for the affected customers. Do not have to take our word for it, find out the customers’ opinion about our law firm ..

We help drivers injured in road accidents throughout the state of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, 24/7. We are always ready to help you.

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