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Philadelphia Train Accident Lawyer

Train Accident cases are very complicated, there are usually large companies, governmental entities, multiple insurance companies and many parties involved in a train accident case. Furthermore, complicated factors such as equipment malfunctions, overloading, maintenance, and railroad regulation can be involved. Often a complete train accident reconstruction must be carried out by an expert, as soon as possible after the accident, in order to determine all of the causes and liable parties involved. Train accident cases, can be complicated and time consuming, but we will fight for your rights and give you the best chance possible to wi your case.

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SEPTA Train Accident Lawyers

SEPTA, or the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, provides public transportation to millions of people a day in and around Philadelphia, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Bucks County, and Chester County. SEPTA services includes train and trolley throughout the area, and while generally a safe mode of travel, train accidents and trolley accidents do happen. Injuries relating to these accidents, including severe jerk and jolt, need to be handled by a lawyer who is familiar with claims against SEPTA because they are a government entity, which is protected by Pennsylvania Statute.

SEPTA, because of being classified as a commonwealth agency, has statutory limits for damages in place; for any one claim the limit is $250,000 or $1 million total per any one accident (regardless on the number of injured parties). Therefore you need a SEPTA accident lawyer who will act quickly to make sure that the money does not run out before your claim is considered. The accident lawyers at KaplunMarx have extensive experience and results going up against SEPTA – We can get you the right result.

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Protect Your Rights

After a train accident, you will need to field many calls from all of the agencies and insurance companies involved. To maximize your claim we strongly recommend you do not speak with them until speaking with a lawyer first.

DO NOT say anything or sign anything from an insurance company after a car accident. ALWAYS TALK TO A LAWYER FIRST!

What Are You Entitled To?

When you or someone you love is hurt in a train crash in Philadelphia, you may be entitled to compensation for:

  • Medical costs, including expenses necessary for ongoing treatment.
  • Wage losses, including ongoing losses if your injury has made it impossible for you to return to your previous job.
  • Pain, suffering and emotional distress damages, including compensation for post-traumatic stress, anxiety and decreased quality of life.
  • Wrongful death damages, including funeral expenses, medical bills incurred before your loved one’s death and the for the loss of future income.

As your attorney, KaplunMarx will fight your corner against the transport and insurance companies and ensure that you receive the highest payment possible, in or out of court.

Why We Are The Right Law Firm For You:

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I highly recommend Attorneys KaplunMarx…they went above and beyond in our auto accident case….very knowledgeable, attentive and personable. We would definitely use them again in the future.
Mr. Marx helped me get a large settlement for a slip and fall injury in which I was hurt badly. He was knowledgeable about the process, but unlike other lawyers I have dealt with, he was thoughtful and caring throughout my ordeal. Mr. Marx is a wonderful lawyer and I would recommend him to anyone who wants a Lawyer who cares.
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