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SEPTA bus accidents are terrible, but that is just the beginning of it. SEPTA is, by Pennsylvania Statute, a Commonwealth Agency and protected by the ‘Sovereign Immunity Act’. Sovereign immunity rules came from old English legal doctrines saying the king could do no wrong. In the United States, sovereign immunity rules limit when a government employee can be sued for his actions while performing work duties. Government agencies, like SEPTA, also have qualified immunity.

Special Issues in Dealing with SEPTA Bus Accidents

All this means the process for pursuing a claim when involved in a SEPTA bus accident can be different than when taking action against another person who is not affiliated with the government. Unfortunately, if you are hurt in one of these types of accidents, there is a cap on damages that can be recovered from SEPTA, $250,000 for any one claim and $1 million total per accident, no matter how many parties are injured in the accident. If the money is divided up before your claim is filed, sorry your out of luck. Because of this restriction- and the fact that bus accident cases usually cause harm to many people- it is imperative you get legal help right away so you can make your claim while there is still money available to pay your damages.  so if your injured in a SEPTA accident, do not waste time in calling the Philadelphia SEPTA bus accident lawyer at KaplunMarx!

Who Can Sue SEPTA?

In Philadelphia and the surrounding counties SEPTA operates buses, trolleys, subways, and the Regional Rail – what that means is that there are a huge number of commuters that take SEPTA transportation on a daily basis. Most times SEPTA provides a safe mode of travel, but there are times when accidents happen, and when they happen you need a SEPTA bus accident lawyer (or SEPTA train accident lawyer) to help protect your rights.

So the question becomes who can sue SEPTA? In general terms, any person who is injured by the fault of SEPTA can bring a personal injury lawsuit. The most common personal injury cases come from SEPTA riders, but they are not the only ones who can bring a legal claim for injuries that occurred because of a SEPTA bus accident. If a passenger is killed, his surviving family members could pursue a wrongful death claim.  If anyone is struck by a SEPTA bus, including someone in another car, a pedestrian, a motorcycle rider, or a bicyclist, a claim is also possible for these crash victims. Understanding whether you can bring a claim for injury against SEPTA is always the first thing we look at when dealing with SEPTA bus accident cases.

What Can I Get for a SEPTA Bus Accident?

That really depends on a lot of factors, including, who was at fault, how bad are your injuries, and who you can pursue legal action against (and whether sovereign immunity rules apply). Damages after s SEPTA bus crash may include medical expenditures; a reduction in your earning abilities; wage losses from time off work; pain and suffering; and emotional distress.

Our SEPTA bus accident lawyers will work hard to fight for your right to get as maximum dollars after your accident so you don’t face financial loss. If your loved one has been killed in the accident, your attorney will also help you to fight for wrongful death damage.

Why Choose Our Law Firm

We are the best. But more than that, we have been around the block many times dealing with SEPTA. Our lawyers have the expertise needed when dealing with a governmental agency like SEPTA. After a SEPTA bus accident, you need a lawyer who knows the in’s and out’s of the process and will help you maximum dollars for your injuries. If you need assistance with any other Pennsylvania bus, trolley, train accident (or New Jersey accident case, we handle those too) – contact us today.

SEPTA bus accidents are terrible, don’t get hurt twice, contact the right SEPTA bus accident lawyer  today.