School Bus Accident

When we see a school bus accident reported on the news, as parents, our heart skips a beat – there is nothing worse than these types of accidents. While school bus travel are one of the safest modes of travel, when there is an accident, the results are often tragic.  According to a report by the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration on school transportation related crashes, there are on average there are 142 school transportation related deaths annually, along with many injuries from same. This is exactly why you need the top PA school bus accident law firm on your side, when dealing with this type of tragedy.

Common Causes of a School Bus Accident

There are many possible reasons that school bus accidents happen, some of the most common causes are as follows:

  • School Bus Driver Error: Sleep deficit, speeding, distracted driving, or just plain mistake.
  • Outdated Equipment: Many school buses are old and outdated, many are not even equipped with seat belts and/or safety equipment put in place on newer vehicles.
  • Size and Weight: School buses are big, and top heavy which can lead to roll-over accidents, often causing injury to passengers riding on the bus.

Special Issues Related to School Bus Accident Cases

When a school bus is operated by the Commonwealth or a Municipality,  there are special rules in place to limit the dollar amount of recovery that can be obtained from those parties.

  • The Sovereign Immunity Act: This only allows for recovery against a Commonwealth party for a maximum of “$250,000 in favor of any plaintiff or $1,000,000 in the aggregate”.
  • The Tort Claims Act: This  only allows for a maximum recovery of “$500,000 either by a single plaintiff or in the aggregate”.

Additionally, there are special rules that govern what types of damages can be claimed in these types of action and notice provisions that must be handled timely. If the school bus is operated by a private company, than we look to their insurance carriers for compensation – and maybe the school district as well. These are just a few of the general issues that need to be looked at in school bus accident cases, there are more and they are complex.

Needless to say there are a lot of issues at play in school bus accident cases, that is exactly why you should contact our law firm. The PA school bus accident lawyers at Kaplunmarx have the expertise to help you get top dollar recovery for your personal injury case – we will explore every avenue of getting you full compensation for your claim.

When Should You Speak to a School Bus Accident Lawyer?

Immediately! School bus accident cases are very complex, the importance of speaking with the PA School Bus Accident Law Firm of KaplunMarx cannot be stressed enough. While school buses are not the same as truck accidents, they often have the same types of severe injuries because of the sheer weight and speed involved in these types of crashes. Investigators, insurance company representatives and the like will be calling you non-stop after the accident – DO NOT SPEAK TO THEM WITHOUT SPEAKING TO US FIRST!

As your attorney, KaplunMarx will fight your corner against the insurance companies and ensure that you receive the highest payment possible, in or out of court.

Why We Are The Right Personal Injury Lawyers For You

  • Accessibility Your lawyer, not an assistant, is always available to go over your case and answer questions
  • Knowledge The Lawyers at KaplunMarx have a vast knowledge of the law and insurance industry that will allow us to obtain maximum recovery for your injuries
  • Results The lawyers at KaplunMarx, PLLC have recovered Millions of $$$  in awards for our personal injury clients.

We help School Bus Accident victims throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey 24/7, we are always there to help.


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