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Pennsylvania Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

Pedestrian Accidents Happen, We Can Help

Picture this, you are minding your business, crossing a street in Center City Philadelphia, and boom – your world just got flipped up-side-down. In big cities like Philadelphia, pedestrian accidents happen daily, often resulting in some of the worst types of injuries. Statistics show that Pedestrian accidents in Philadelphia are on the rise, especially with people distracted by cell phones and other things in their cars. Our great city is always busy with people, cars, trucks, and buses of all sizes trying to get to where they are going and many times too fast.

As you can guess the pedestrian usually takes the brunt of the impact, with injuries often very severe. That is where our team of Pennsylvania pedestrian accident lawyers can help; we represent people hurt in pedestrian accidents and get them top dollar results for their injury case, we can help you too.

Pennsylvania Pedestrian Laws

States enact laws to keep people safe. Many pedestrian accidents can be avoided if people followed the rules, but that doesn’t always happen. The law in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, where we practice, says that motor vehicles must yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk. How many times have we all seen drivers ignore this and hit or almost hit someone crossing. On the other hand, pedestrians need to heed traffic control devises as well.

Don’t run out to cross the street in the middle of traffic. Laws like the ‘Don’t Block the Box’ initiative, and the ban on using cell phones while driving, have been passed to try and lessen pedestrian accidents. There has been talk about a ban on distracted walking. I love the idea, believe me, that Facebook post can wait!

A major area of concern for pedestrian safety are kids. Many children walk to school and from school, crossing many streets to get to where they are going. Luckily, Pennsylvania and New Jersey have crossing-guards who wear bright colored vests, and are employed to make certain that children are safe. However, there are no crossing-guards for when children are out playing, and sometimes no adult supervision at all.

This can lead to tragedy. Because children are simply smaller, they are harder to see for a driver. The most tragic pedestrian accidents are when a child is hurt, usually a serious injury and in the worst cases wrongful death.

I Was Hit Crossing the Street, What Do I Do?

Walking should not be a dangerous activity, but unsafe drivers can make it just that. If you were hit while walking and/or crossing the street, you should immediately get medical attention. After that is taken care of you may be wondering what to do now. We have seen that exact scenario countless times, and we can help.

Often times after a pedestrian accident your phone will start ringing, non-stop. That is probably the insurance company, they want to get a recorded statement with you and quick. The insurance company may have even offered you a quick settlement. Alarm bells should be ringing at this point. Just don’t do it, not without talking to a lawyer first.

Questions? Our Pedestrian Accident Attorneys Are Here To Help

If you are hurt in an accident, the personal injury process can be overwhelming. Our law firm has years of experience helping people navigate the maze. We have represented many clients and their families after serious pedestrian accidents, getting them top dollar compensation for their damages. We can do the same for you.

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