Motorcycle Accident Concern

Motorcycle accidents tend to produce horrific injuries, more so than any other type of personal injury case we see. The reason why is simple, a motorcycle does not leave you much room for error, or more importantly the error of other drivers on the road. The crazy thing is if you ride in Pennsylvania and are over the age of 21 there is no mandatory law for you to wear a helmet. If you ride without a helmet you are literally taking your life in your hands, the risk of traumatic brain injury and death goes up exponentially without a helmet. Don’t get out on a bike without a helmet, ever. Don’t tempt fate, not even once, not even to go around the corner for milk.

Motorcycle Accidents Cause Traumatic Injuries

Statistics show that when a motorcycle accident happens at 25+ mph, 55% of these accident result in traumatic brain injury or TBI, dismemberment, and/or death. These number are scary. 25 mph is not a high rate of speed on a motorcycle, but it is not just you out there on the roadway. For that reason, we cannot say it strongly enough, don’t ride without a helmet. We have seen first hand the type of impact motorcycle accidents have on someones life. In the last year alone I can think of 2 clients who suffered catastrophic brain injuries, because they were not wearing a helmet. No one can know what injury they would have sustained if they had been wearing a helmet, but its simply not worth the risk.

Hire the Best Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, and Quick

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you need excellent legal representation and quickly. Unfortunately, if your injury case is a close call on fault, you are not going to get the benefit of the doubt. You need to understand the unsaid rule from insurance companies: a motorcyclists start with a presumption of fault for driving too fast, not paying attention, etc. Even if this presumption could not be further from the truth. At KaplunMarx, our motorcycle accident attorneys begin their investigation immediately, looking for any advantage we can provide for our clients. We hire investigators, accident re-constructionists, road engineers and other experts to help get maximum value for your personal injury case.

Our lawyers will be there for you through the process. Our team can help to get you seen by some of the best doctors in the area. Our home base is right outside of Philadelphia, but our reach in representing client who are injured is throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Receiving proper medical care is critical in maximizing your recovery and in preparing your case. Every case is prepared in anticipation of trial, this gives us the best leverage when negotiating with the insurance companies. We do not shy away from trial work, a little known secret is that many motorcycle accident lawyers fear trial. Our team won’t let the insurance companies push you around and force you to settle your claim for less than the full value.

Auto Insurance Might Not Help

There are important insurance issues you will need to understand if you are in a motorcycle accident. Your car insurance is not going to cover you if you are hurt in a motorcycle accident. Unless, you have the proper motorcycle provisions added to your auto policy. This can be a huge problem, if you are riding a friends motorcycle, your auto insurance may not pick up coverage for you . You will not be able to go back to your auto insurance policy for uninsured and underinsured coverage’s. This happens often, it is a terrible situation to be in, so if you ride speak to your insurance carrier about putting the right coverage’s in place.

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Protect Your Right To Compensation

If you have been injured in any type of accident, you can turn to Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers Ted Kaplun or Jonathan Marx for help obtaining the maximum allowable compensation available to you. We have over 200+ 5-star reviews for a reason. At KaplunMarx, WE DO NOT BACK DOWN.