Clients tell us the following on a daily basis: “I have limited tort insurance, the insurance company told me I cannot recover money for my car accident.”  This is the biggest myth about limited tort insurance. Let me be clear, YOU CAN RECOVER MONEY FOR A LIMITED TORT ACCIDENT CASE, there are certain factors, discussed below, that need to be established, but if you hire the right Philadelphia Limited Tort Lawyer you can get money for your auto accident.

How Our Law Firm Wins Limited Tort Cases:

  1. We have a thorough understanding of Pennsylvania limited tort laws  – specifically how to determine “serious impairment to significant bodily function”
  2. We are willing to file a law suit in limited tort cases – Our law firm files suit in the majority of our limited tort cases, putting the pressure on the insurance company to put real dollars on the case
  3. We are ready to take your limited tort case to trial – Unlike many firms that are looking for a quick settlement, we are ready, willing and able to go to trial on your limited tort case – the best defense is a strong offense.

Insurance companies will use all of the tactics they can to minimize your case, especially if you are limited tort, we understand these tactics and use that knowledge to our advantage. Attorney Jonathan Marx discusses the top 3 ways insurance companies try to minimize your personal injury case in the video below.

6 Ways To Get Money For Pain and Suffering In Your Limited Tort Case:

  1. The injury falls under the category of serious injury:  This means death or a serious impairment of bodily function or permanent disfigurement.
    • Key factors we look at for seriousness of injury:
      • length of time you are injured,
      • injury becomes worse i.e. fractures, concussions, herniated discs, and/or
      • if you need surgery for the injury
  2. The accident you were injured in was caused by a driver convicted of DUI (drunk or high)
  3. The accident was caused by a driver that had a car registered in a different State, outside of Pennsylvania
  4. The injury happened in a vehicle other than a private car, i.e. you were a pedestrian, a commercial vehicle, bus, or motorcycle
  5. You were driving a motorcycle when you were injured
  6. You injury has gotten worse, i.e. when you first were diagnosed the injury was thought to be small, but has gotten worse.

What The Insurance Companies Will Not Tell You About Limited Tort:

Limited Tort coverage allows a person injured in an auto accident to make a claim for all economic damages like lost wages, but can only make a claim for pain and suffering, if the injuries are serious and have a significant impact on his or her ability to function. A serious injury is defined an injury resulting in death or a serious impairment of bodily function or permanent disfigurement, but the term serious injury is difficult to truly define. This is why the insurance companies out there will pray on people who have limited tort insurance, they can sell the myth that you cannot recover for pain and suffering because of your limited tort coverage.

The biggest myth about limited tort is that you have a  complete lack of rights with limited tort coverage – that  just wrong. This is the very reason that you need to contact the Philadelphia Limited Tort Lawyer  – we have proven results getting clients maximum dollars for their limited tort accident cases.

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