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There has been a boom in the real estate market, creating thousands of worksites that have gone up throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Center city Philadelphia, in particular, has seen huge growth in construction, both commercial and residential in the last few years. Great news for the economy, but with the increase in projects, there is an increase in construction accidents as well. By the nature of the physical work on these projects, translate into a greater risk of work injury and even death for a construction worker.

The number of workplace injuries and deaths for construction accidents are more than any other U.S. industry. Let that sink in, if you are a construction worker you face a greater probability of getting seriously hurt and possibly dying on the job than any other industry. For those reasons, both federal and state laws mandate that construction companies are to keep each project site safe, think hard hats and safety harnesses, but this does not always happen. Many companies like to cut corners, the safety of their workers is not the place to cut corners, especially when construction accidents can be so serious. If a construction company doesn’t do what’s right for workers safety, they should be held accountable, our lawyers are here to put their feet to the fire.

How Workers Compensation Benefits Affect Construction Workers

If you are hurt at your construction job in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, you will be entitled to workers compensation benefits. Workers comp insurance will pay you a portion of your salary and your medical bills while you are injured, but don’t kid yourself if you think it will be easy to get those benefits. There are various hurdles the insurance company will try to have you jump through before you are awarded work comp benefits. The insurance company will want you to be evaluated by their doctors, who are “bound” by the Hippocratic oath but are paid by the insurance company. Does that seem like a conflict of interests? Getting you the right medical care and guiding you through the workers’ compensation process is what we do.

Recovery for Construction Accident Workers Who Have Been Injured

Workers compensation is your first avenue to recover for a construction accident, but there is more that needs to be evaluated before settling your claim. While your employer would have been grossly negligent to be held accountable for a workplace accident, other factors could be in play, making recovery from outside sources possible. Construction accidents are very complicated, there can be hundreds of companies involved, like the general contractor, sub-contractors, equipment manufacturers, architects, owners of the site, and multiple insurance companies.

Dissecting construction accidents takes a lot of time, the injuries are often very serious, and multiple parties could be at fault. An expert in the area of construction accidents can be brought on board to evaluate who is at fault and why. We work with some of the foremost accident reconstruction engineers who help us pursue everyone responsible for a worker’s injuries. The faster we are able to have our expert examine what happened in the accident, the higher the likelihood we have for success in your construction accident case.

Construction accidents happen often, don’t let yourself get hurt twice, our lawyers will help in every step of the process.

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