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Under Pennsylvania code the definition for what is a commercial vehicle is broad – but generally speaking these are vehicles owned and operated by companies.

Under Pennsylvania code the definition for what is a commercial vehicle is broad – but generally speaking these are vehicles owned and operated by companies. Some common examples that are seen in the streets of Philadelphia on a daily basis are:

  • Delivery trucks – i.e. food deliveries, beverage deliveries, flower deliveries etc.
  • Work trucks – i.e. painters, window cleaners, construction vehicles, etc.
  • Corporate Vehicles – i.e. company cars, car dealership courtesy vehicles, etc.

These are just some of the examples of the broadly defined area of commercial vehicles. The one thing that these commercial vehicles have in common is that they Courts have found that they owe a higher duty of care than your average driver, to insure that they operate their vehicles in a safe manor. Because of this standard, and because most commercial vehicles are owned by companies, rather than individuals, they maintain a higher level of insurance coverage in the event of at fault commercial vehicle accidents.

Most Common Causes For Commercial Vehicle Accidents

So you may ask yourself, if commercial vehicles are supposed to be more careful on the roadways, how are there so many commercial vehicle accidents? The following is a non-exhaustive list of some of the most common reasons for commercial vehicle accidents:

  1. The Double Park: Commercial vehicles many times do not take into account other drivers on the road, they have a delivery to make and will double park where ever they feel like. If you have been to center city Philadelphia, the double park is an all too familiar scene. The illegal double park by a commercial vehicle not only snarls traffic, but creates a dangerous condition on the roadway which can easily lead to an accident.
  2. The Tired Driver: Truck Driver fatigue is one of the most common causes of commercial vehicle accident, there are regulations in place for length of time that commercial drivers are allowed to be behind the wheel. An exhausted driver can have devastating consequence behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle including horrible injury or even wrongful death.
  3. Poor Maintenance: There are rules and regulations relating to the maintenance of commercial vehicles, but sometimes companies want to cut corners to save money – this can lead to tragic consequences like tires blowing out, brake line failures or other mechanical malfunctions that cause a commercial vehicle accident. Additionally, a poorly maintained roadway may have been to blame for this type of accident, which can make the municipality or State liable for the accident.

Why Should I Call a Lawyer?

Consulting with a Philadelphia truck accident lawyer if you have been involved in a commercial vehicle accident is the smartest move you can make. Our lawyers have access to the top resources that we will use to investigate your personal injury case including: accident reconstruction specialists, engineering experts, investigators among other disciplines that we will use to get maximum dollar for your commercial vehicle accident case. We represent clients, getting top dollar personal injury case results, throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey – do not wait contact your lawyer today!

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