Searching for the Top Personal Injury Lawyers, You’ve Found Them

/Searching for the Top Personal Injury Lawyers, You’ve Found Them
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Searching for a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer can leave your head spinning. You will see ad’s claiming this guy is the best attorney in the entire universe, TV commercials proclaiming that they will get you “justice”, billboards screaming that they are “for the people” –  it is all noise. Your search for a top personal injury lawyer ends here. We are a team of battle tested personal injury lawyers in Philadelphia who have taken on the biggest insurance companies, and lived to tell the tale. Our lawyers do not back down, are not afraid of taking a case to trial, to be able to obtain maximum dollar recovery for our clients.

Personal Injury Lawyers Who Have Your Back

Our team of lawyers have been voted top litigation attorneys in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, but what truly makes us stand apart from other personal injury law firm’s is how our clients feel about us. We take pride in representing those who have suffered an injury, and in obtaining them fantastic results.

Expertise to Handle the Biggest Types of Personal Injury Cases

Our lawyers have handled the most complex of personal injury cases, ranging from:

  • Car Accidents – One of the most common types of personal injury cases are car accident, but often times there are complicating factors, we sort those out and help with the entire process. Have limited tort insurance and think you cannot recover for your car accident, that is not true and we can help. We have extensive experience and expertise in handling specifically Uber Car Accidents and Lyft Car Accidents with outstanding results.
  • Bicycle Accidents – Attorney Jon Marx, a partner at KaplunMarx, is an avid bike rider. In fact he has been riding for over 20 years, and his extensive experience gives him a foundation in handling bicycle accident cases second to none. about first hand knowledge of Riding a bike is great exercise, but because of the lack of protection to the body while riding, bike accidents can result in catastrophic injuries.  can be
  • Bus Accidents – A huge bus not operated carefully and properly can have dire consequences to those riding on the bus, and to other drivers on the roadway. In Philadelphia, SEPTA Bus Accidents make us the majority of the personal injury cases we see and help clients with. Our team has considerable experience handling bus accident cases and our results in these case are excellent.
  • Motorcycle Accidents – Riding a motorcycle can be exhilarating, but because of the lack of protection to the body, and sometimes the head, while riding, motorcycle accidents can result in catastrophic injuries. We understand the particulars of these types of cases and are here to help.
  • Train Accidents – These accidents happen less often, but when they do occur the injuries sustained are most times very serious. In the Philadelphia area, SEPTA handles most of the transit done by train. A key point to remember is that there are many complicated factors when working on a train accident, there are regulatory matters involved and many different parties that need to be looked at for liability. Important to speak to our team as soon as possible so that we can investigate the situation as appropriate.
  • Truck Accidents – 18 wheeler trucks, box trucks, tractor-trailer’s – we handle all types of commercial truck accident cases. The overarching factor in these accidents is the sheer weight of the trucks combined with speed often lead to serious injury and/or death. Investigation into a truck accident cases as soon as possible can be the difference in recovering for your injuries or not. Do not wait to speak to our personal injury lawyers after a truck accident, physical evidence and witnesses can and will disappear quickly.
  • Construction Accidents –  The Philadelphia real estate boom has led to more and more construction sites in our area. An unfortunate side effect to more construction is more construction accidents. We are here to help with those accidents, we look deeply into each case to figure out who may be at fault for your injuries and pursue all parties responsible.
  • Dog Bite Accidents – When Toto turns into Kujo we are here to help. If the dog owner has a homeowners insurance policy they will often cover this type of personal injury.
  • Medical Malpractice – Medical malpractice cases are often times heart-wrenching because we all want to trust and believe in our doctor doing whats best, unfortunately that is not always the case. Investigation into thousands of pages of medical records in these types of cases is key. Our team of attorneys work with the foremost medical experts to determine if the doctor breached the standard of care and caused your harm. When we find out that is the case, we fight to get you top compensation for your medical malpractice claim.
  • Pedestrian Accident – Car, truck, bus versus person walking, we all know who wins that confrontation. Pedestrians who are hurt in these types of accidents have full rights against the other party. Physical evidence and witnesses can make or break these cases, and are needed to be gathered immediately after a pedestrian accident. If you are hurt just walking down the street, contact our lawyers for help.
  • Premises Liability Accidents – Think slip and fall accidents, but these run the gamut of personal injury cases involving a property owner not maintaining their property in a safe manner. We have recovered millions of dollars for personal injury clients who were hurt because of a defect on someones property – we can help you too.
  • Nursing Home Neglect – One of the most despicable things in this world is abusing the elderly. We right the wrongs of nursing home abuse.
  • Wrongful Death – We help families of loved ones who have been killed due to negligence recover for these accidents. We are with you for you every step of the way.
  • Food Poisoning – When restaurants cause their customers to become seriously ill or die because of bad or improperly prepared food, victims should pursue compensation. We would fight to ensure you receive maximum compensation and help put your mind at ease.

Your Search for the Top Personal Injury Law Firm Stops Here

If you have been searching for real help with a personal injury case in Pennsylvania and New Jersey you can stop your search now. Our personal injury lawyers will be with you every step of the way and you should feel confident in knowing KaplunMarx will get you top dollar results. Remember, while we are based in the Philadelphia area, our reach goes far, and we help people with personal injury cases throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.