Pennsylvania DUI Defense Attorney

In Pennsylvania it is against the law to drive with a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of .08 percent or higher (see: .08 DUI Legislation) , but, just because your BAC was above the legal limit does not mean you will be convicted. If you are charged with DUI in Pennsylvania, you need to understand how high the stakes are, and how serious the consequences can be, including, but not limited to:

  • Losing your license
  • Fines and costs
  • Gaining a criminal record
  • Jail time

Challenging DUI/DWI/DAI Charges

So what can you do if charged with a DUI , also called DWI (driving while intoxicated) or DAI (driving after imbibing) in Pennsylvania? Contact the Philadelphia DUI Lawyers at KaplunMarx, we aggressively defend these charges and have the experience necessary to help you resolve your case. We look at multiple factors in determining your best course of action including:

  • Probable Cause for Your Traffic Stop: A police officer must have a valid reason fro pulling you over in the first place, before they can charge you with a DUI.
  • Examining Police Procedure: The Police must conduct an observation period prior to the BAC testing, the field sobriety test results need to be examined for factors including weather etc.
  • Contesting Breathalyzer Results: Looking at the calibration and maintenance of the breathalyzer machine, and the training of the police officer in use of the machine. These machines are not perfect and mistakes can be caught.
  • Alternative Programs: ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition) is a feature of Pennsylvania DUI law that focuses on treatment over traditional punishment. If the ARD program is successfully completed, charges are dismissed and you will likely be eligible for expungement of your record.

Why You Need A Lawyer when Charged with a DUI?

You can always defend yourself in Court, but when facing serious consequences of a DUI charge, the smart move is to hire a Top Philadelphia DUI Lawyer who know:

  • PA DUI Law and PA DUI Defenses
  • Understanding DUI Testing Procedure
  • Experience with PennDOT
  • Intricacies of Philadelphia and Surrounding County DUI Courts

The real question you need to ask is: How can I afford not to hire a Pennsylvania DUI Lawyer?

We help people charged with DUI in Philadelphia, Delaware County, Montgomery County, Chester County, Bucks County, and New Jersey.