KalpunMarx Client Reviews

See our client reviews below, all are from 100% real clients (not like some of the other competitors reviewss out there:) at KaplunMarx we value our reputation as Top Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers and Top Philadelphia Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Helping our Clients is our top priority. Don’t just take our word for it, see what some of our clients have to say. See more KaplunMarx reviews on Google Plus, Avvo, & Yelp .

“It was my first time ever needing a lawyer in my life. I chose right to go with KaplunMarx. Ted and John have helped me every step of the way.


I didn’t know what to do with my situation…Ted and John were always available, responded in a timely manner, and very professional.


I had the pleasure of working with both Ted and John. My life is now back to normal thanks to KaplunMarx!


I HIGHLY recommend anyone who needs a lawyer to pick KaplunMarx!” Justin S.


“These guys really know they’re stuff! After getting into some unexpected and quite frankly unnecessary legal trouble with the police I was able to get representation easily and for a decent price. Ted Kaplun represented me and is a phenomenal lawyer. After being faced with three charges he was able to appease the courts and ween them down into one charge with minimal consequences. Even after the settlement he reached out to me and said if I had any questions I could call him whenever. After my experience I feel confident to say that these guys aren’t after your money but rather out to help you. If you ever need a lawyer these are the guys you want!”Nick B.


“I highly recommend Attorneys KaplunMarx…they went above and beyond in our auto accident case….very knowledgeable, attentive and personable. We would definitely use them again in the future.”Heidi


“Ted Kaplun helped me through a very difficult {Philadelphia criminal defense} case, he did not sugarcoat my situation, but helped lessen the burden and kept it 100% real with me. I felt that Ted really fought hard and cared throughout. I would recommend him to anyone I know.”JC


“I was able to use Ted’s legal expertise to get some advice on a workplace situation that I had occur. Ted gave me solid advice as well as a plan of action to deal with the situation in the future. He also helped me deal with it in a simple manner and also prevent opening myself up to any legal issues on my part.”Eric J.


“Ted was very patient and understanding from the very first day and helped my wife’s matter with her employer. He kept us informed with the developments throughout the way with his emails and phone calls. We were apprehensive about lawyers before this but he gave us the confidence that he was on our side and would help us and defend our right. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.”Pra H.


“Timely response provided and information obtained was very helpful. Great service!”Salman F.


“Mr. Marx helped me get a large settlement for a slip and fall injury in which I was hurt badly. He was knowledgeable about the process, but unlike other lawyers I have dealt with, he was thoughtful and caring throughout my ordeal. Mr. Marx is a wonderful lawyer and I would recommend him to anyone who wants a Lawyer who cares.”Eva


“Ted Kaplun has been an awesome attorney. He always kept me updated every step of the way. Very friendly and respectful. I will definitely recommend this law firm to everyone I know. Nivea W.


“Mr. Marx helped me through a difficult {Philadelphia car accident} injury case, a few other lawyers wouldn’t even take my case, but Mr. Marx fought for me. I will send anyone I know to KaplunMarx if they have a personal injury case. Thank you Mr. Marx!”Carol C.


“Ted Kaplun was extremely helpful for our business – definitely worth a call!”Steve H.


“Jonathan Marx had agreed to help me out with a very unusual matter on a contingency basis. It was a case of a poorly done plastic surgery procedure and the surgeon refusing to make corrections, making it a case of contract breach. We wanted to recover money I had to pay someone else for a corrective procedure. Jon had put in a decent amount of time and effort into communicating with me, reviewing documentation and attempts at negotiating with the opposing attorney ~ a guy who was basically a pig in a nice suit. As the other side refused to settle, Jon also represented me in court and I thought that he presented a solid case to the judge. Unfortunately, we lost the case but not for lack of effort on his part, and not because the defendant was right. Jon personally followed up with me by phone after the verdict and explained my other options. He told me that the defense had warned him months earlier that they would appeal a favorable verdict, which impressed me because Jon had known that getting paid for this case would be tedious, yet he still pursued it. I’d hire him again in a heartbeat.”Irene