Chester County PA Auto Accident Settlement
This was a case where our client was injured in a car crash on a country road in Chester County Pennsylvania. While we knew we would bring a claim against the driver who hit our client, we wanted to see if there were any other viable claims for this auto accident. Our team went out to the accident scene, looking at possible liability for improper construction of the roadway – our roadway engineering expert felt that the construction of this road had some portion of blame for this accident. We brought suit against the driver who hit our client and against both the municipality and the State.

Our auto accident lawyers prepared the case for trial, including expert reports, multiple depositions, and more – on the eve of trial the Defense made an offer to settle this case. We reached a global PA auto accident settlement for our client in the amount of $125,000.00. The main reason we were able to get this type of settlement amount was because of the level of preparedness we had in getting this auto accident case ready for trial, giving us the most leverage with the insurance company. The best part is that this money really helped our client and his family get back on their feet.

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