Philadelphia Car Accident Attorneys

Have you been injured in a car accident? The auto accident lawyers at KaplunMarx have over 200 5-star reviews for a reason: we DO NOT back down. Call (610) 660-7780 today to obtain a no-obligation consultation from attorneys who have proven to be trustworthy time and time again.

Philadelphia Car Accident Attorneys

Have you been injured in a car accident? The auto accident lawyers at KaplunMarx have over 200 5-star reviews for a reason: we DO NOT back down. Call (610) 660-7780 today to obtain a no-obligation consultation from attorneys who have proven to be trustworthy time and time again.

Dealing with the fallout from an auto accident, even when it was in no way your fault, can be very difficult, I will go into why below. Luckily “we got you”. Our Pennsylvania car accident lawyers have handled thousands of cases for clients who were involved in serious car accidents; we understand the process from A to Z.

What Should I Do If I’m Injured In A Car Accident?

So, you got hit by another driver: what do you do now? Here are some basic tips that will help you deal with the process.

  1. Medical attention for any injuries sustained by you and/or a passenger is always most important, that means going to the hospital immediately if necessary.
  2. Call the police, in Philadelphia, the police most times will not come out to an accident scene unless there is a serious injury, doesn’t matter call and report it. If you need to go to the police station later to detail the accident, do it.
  3. Pictures and video can be very helpful down the road. Smartphones are everywhere use it for more than Facebook, it can mean the difference between winning or losing your car accident case.
  4. Call your insurance company to report the accident. Do not give a recorded statement to any insurance company before speaking with a car accident lawyer. Definitely, do not sign anything from the insurance company at this point.
  5. Contact a Philadelphia car accident lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your car accident case. We can help you avoid the traps that insurance companies try to get away with when your guard is down.

After A Traffic Crash, Who Will Pay My Medical Bills?

If you have an auto policy in Pennsylvania or New Jersey you should have something called PIP, or personal injury protection, this is the first layer of medical coverage that is the priority after an accident.

After A Collision, Who Will Pay For My Car To Be Fixed?

This can get tricky, assuming the other driver was clearly at fault, their insurance will be responsible for damage to your car. However, it gets complicated, because they will only pay to the limits of the property coverage that person has. We will help you work on getting your car fixed after an accident as a free service if we take on your case.

I Have A Full Coverage Auto Policy, Does That Mean Full Tort?

Another tricky question, you could have chosen the full tort option when you bought your auto policy, but the agent may have sold you full coverage with limited tort. Full tort gives you the best rights for recovery if you are hurt in a car accident and we suggest everyone have it. That said we understand how to win limited tort car accident cases, and will take on those cases as well.

What Is Underinsured Or Uninsured Coverage?

Underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage is one of the most important insurance coverage’s you can buy. It is what protects you, notwithstanding the auto insurance that the person that hit you has. Think about it, do you want to rely on the person that hit you to have enough coverage. Nope, not with people driving with no insurance at all and others driving with insurance through the General or the other low cost, minimal coverage insurance out there.

Does Car Insurance Cover The Loss Of Wages?

One of the worst things about being in a car accident is missing time and paychecks because you are hurt. Some people have wage loss on their own auto policy, we will help get that processed. If you do not have a wage loss component, we can wrap it into your case and recover it from the person that hit you.

We can help navigate the maze you will face after a car accident. The insurance companies will prey on you at your most vulnerable, we will not let that happen.

Contact A Car Accident Claims Law Firm In Philadelphia, PA and Get The Money You Deserve

If you are hurt in a car accident which was someone else’s fault, we will work to get money for you. The types of claims that you may be able to recover for are listed below.

  1. Medical costs, which can include hospital bills, doctor’s bills, testing like MRI’s, and physical therapy. These tend to add up quickly, if you don’t have health insurance as back-up to your auto insurance, you may have massive outstanding medical bills. We will work to recover these from the person that hit you. Also, we look at whether there may be future expenses necessary for ongoing medical treatment and will work to recover that for you as well.
  1. Pain and suffering for your injuries in a car accident. Figuring out how much money is proper for pain and suffering after a car accident can be art more than science. We will paint a picture of what happened to you as a result of this car accident, we are like Picasso in doing so. Components to pain and suffering include possible emotional damage, post-concussion issues, and overall decrease in the quality of a person’s life.
  2. Wage losses, including ongoing losses if your injury has made it impossible for you to return to your previous job. People rely on their paychecks, getting hurt in a car accident can have a monumental effect on your employment and future prospects of employment.

Like snowflakes, no two car accidents are completely alike. Because there are countless variations of car accident types, it becomes even more important to hire a lawyer who has seen it all and quick. Time is not on your side after a car accident, evidence and witnesses tend to disappear rather quickly. Do not wait to reach out to our lawyers who will navigate this complex process and our results speak for themselves. Of course, all car accidents are handled by our law firm on a contingency fee basis, meaning we put our money where our mouth is and only get paid if we get you money. If you have been injured and would like to speak to one of our attorneys, fill out our form or call (610) 660-7780 for 24/7 assistance.

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