Injured in a motorcycle accident? What next?

Our motorcycle accident lawyers often observe that several devastating accidents involving motorcycles have to do with the right of way violations. These accidents typically occur at street intersections, ranging from dangerous roadways to driver inattention and reckless driving. Have you been injured in a motorcycle accident? What details of a motorcycle accident will impact your injury claim? We're here to answer your questions.

Whether you are using a motorcycle for leisure or transport, there are specific safety regulations you must adhere to. These regulations are meant to protect you and your passenger (if any). Also, it helps other road users in the unfortunate event of an accident. 

An important example of such regulations is laws governing helmets when using a motorcycle. If you're ever involved in a motorcycle accident caused by another's negligence, hiring a Philadelphia accident attorney would be the first step towards retribution.

If you've sustained any form of injury, you'll likely want compensation for those injuries. At the same time, the law will likely guarantee some form of payment, whether or not you get compensated, and your adherence to safety regulations will significantly influence the value of your compensation. 

What Causes These Motorcycle Accidents?

A few of the most common reasons for motorcycle accidents that result from the right of way violations:

  • Distracted driving: 

When drivers look at a cell phone or are distracted by other activities while driving, such as talking to a passenger, they may fail to y yield the right of way. Inattention could also cause these accidents. You'll often hear a driver say they "never saw the motorcycle." That type of comment may be a sign of distracted driving or inattention.

  • Impaired driving: 

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs could result in a right of way violation because these motorists often have impaired judgment and abilities.

  • Dangerous roadways: 

When roadways are poorly designed or have inadequate lighting, there is a greater likelihood of street intersection accidents involving smaller vehicles such as motorcycles.

  • Disobeying the road rules: 

Drivers may violate road laws regarding the right of way issues because of reckless or careless driving. It could also happen when they are driving at an excessive rate of speed.

Often, we see that drivers of larger vehicles fail to remember that they share the roadway with motorcyclists and end up making poor decisions that result in a right of way violation and devastating motorcycle crashes.

Here are some of the right of way laws in Pennsylvania that apply to motorcyclists:

  • A vehicle making a left turn or a U-turn must yield the right of way to oncoming cars or cars going straight. These account for a majority of motorcycle accidents.
  • If you happen to enter a roadway simultaneously as another vehicle and are on the left-hand side, you must yield the right of way to vehicles approaching from the right.
  • If you are entering a traffic circle, the law requires you to yield to any cars that are already in the loop.
  • If you are entering the main road from a private alley, driveway, or street, you must yield the right of way to vehicles on the main road. 

Receiving Compensation After Being Injured in a Motorcycle Accident

Getting compensation for injuries during a motorcycle accident within Philadelphia could be pretty simple or intensely complex, depending on your unique situation. It's essential to consult an experienced personal injury lawyer to guide you through the process. But perhaps even more important is adhering to the state's motorcycle helmet laws. 

Even when you are legally exempt from mandatory usage of helmets, failure to use a helmet might turn out to be your greatest undoing while trying to get compensation for injuries you may sustain while riding a motorcycle. In some cases, the value of payment might be reduced, but in some, you might lose your right to compensation.  

Compensations for injuries sustained while riding a motorcycle could range from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands depending on the severity of the injury. Getting an experienced lawyer to handle your case is the key to getting befitting compensation for damages you incur during a motorcycle accident.

If You Have Been Injured

What if you or a friend or family member has been injured in a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident caused by right of way violations. So, you might be able to seek compensation from the at-fault motorist for the injuries, damages, and losses you have sustained. Ted Kaplun and Jonathan Marx can help you file a personal injury claim and obtain the compensation you rightfully deserve. Contact us today.


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