Юридическая помощь в Филадельфии при врачебной халатности

Medical negligence is defined as errors or omissions with insufficient medical supervision of the patient, as a result of which health is harmed. The concept of medical negligence extends to general practitioners, surgeons, nurses and other workers in the field of medicine, as well as hospitals, or refers to a combination of several factors.   

Medical malpractice can be the result of mistaken actions by a medical worker, as well as the failure to provide proper medical care. In other words, medical negligence is an erroneous act or an act or omission. For example, surgical errors, errors in resuscitation, birth trauma and inability to diagnose a disease in time can be regarded as medical negligence.

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Cases of medical negligence, in which we specialize:

  • Birth injuries – Injuries at birth are usually due to complications during childbirth, however, in some cases, medical malpractice takes place.
  • Hospital failure – if the technical equipment of the hospital is unable to provide proper medical care, you can file a claim, including not only to the hospital, but also to health centers, laboratories, pharmacies, medical equipment suppliers and pharmaceutical companies.
  • An error in the diagnosis – in cases when the doctor should have known that the patient is ill with a life-threatening disease, but could not correctly diagnose it, in that case he committed an unacceptable mistake for the standard of medical care.
  • Erroneous diagnosis of cancer – if cancer is not diagnosed at an early stage, the consequences can be tragic: from harmful forms of treatment, such as high doses of radiation, to death as a result of erroneous actions. Some common cancers that doctors often can not correctly diagnose include breast cancer, colon cancer and even lung cancer.

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Separate questions on cases of medical negligence.

The case of medical negligence is often complicated by the fact that there are many medical workers involved in the care and treatment of the patient, so it is difficult to determine who made the mistake, which also provokes disputes with numerous insurance companies. If the case of medical negligence also includes hospital and / or surgical procedures, the definition of the culprit is complicated many times, because it implies a chain of orders.

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What are your rights?

Compensation for losses, the right to which the victim has a right and, sometimes, her / his family, includes:

    • Hospital expenses , medical expenses and bills from doctors
    • Loss of earnings , present and future
    • Permanent physical disability , for example: (lameness), scar (scars), limb loss (limbs)
    • Emotional shock , for example: depression and anxiety; grief and anguish caused by the death of a loved one
    • Loss of love and friendship caused by the death of a loved one


  • Damage or destruction of property
  • Moral damage


    • Pre-existing health status (such as an old back injury) aggravated by a medical error


  • Loss of quality of life


  • Other reimbursements , depending on the severity of the injuries and their consequences

Sometimes a trauma does not at first seem serious, but can cause permanent pain and cause disability. Philadelphia attorneys KaplunMarx, PLLC carefully investigate the causes of the damage to health and agree either on out-of-court settlement of the case, or will sue in court so that you can receive compensation that you deserve.

As your representative, KaplunMarx will fervently defend your interests with insurance companies and ensures that you receive maximum compensation, either in court or out of it.

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