Юридическая помощь в Филадельфии при травме от падения на улице

You can slip and fall due to poorly maintained property and life-threatening and health-threatening conditions. If an accident occurs on the territory of the owner, he can bear responsibility for this. Victims of an unsuccessful fall should understand their rights and bring an action for compensation for harm. Lawyers of KaplunMarx will help you to defend your rights and get a refund.


Let KaplunMarx help you and remember: YOU DO NOT PAY ANYTHING until we win your case.

Philadelphia’s laws on injuries in the fall

After an accident, the aggrieved party may file a compensation claim if it can prove that the circumstances that caused the fall should not have been there. Responsibility for the territory may be incurred by the owner of the property, where the fall occurred, a commercial tenant and / or both. Residential tenants are only responsible for the rented residential area, while landlords are required to repair if they are notified of problems.

To prosecute someone in court for an accident in the fall, the victim must prove the following facts:

  • The duty to ensure the interests of citizens belongs to the owner of the property or to the lessee.
  • The unreasonable negligence of the owner or the tenant and the tenant’s inability to perform his duties to ensure the safety of the enclosed and open space served as the direct cause of the injury in the fall.
  • Caused damage during a fall can be compensated.

The legal norms calling for the responsibility of the party for accidents in its own premises are also applied in Philadelphia. According to these laws, visitors are categorized based on why they were in a particular place when they fell. The owner of the property has various obligations to various categories of visitors. Lawyers can help you, how the laws on responsibility for the premises are relevant to your claim.

Settlement of your claim

In order for you to be compensated for the fall, we will work on the case of bodily harm. This implies that either we will negotiate an out-of-court settlement of the dispute, or we will refer to the statement of claim on your behalf. Our lawyers negotiate large sums and are never afraid to fight insurance companies in court.

NEVER say anything and do not sign anything from the insurance company after the incident. ALWAYS FIRST TALK TO THE LAWYER!

Remember that the burden of responsibility for proving and demonstrating the jury’s harm on the Plaintiff on the Claimant (that is, on you), that’s why you need KaplunMarx lawyers for accident accidents in the fall. To present your arguments, our lawyers will provide a variety of evidence, including service records; testimony of witnesses; expert’s testimony; Police reports and photographs of the territory where the fall occurred. Thus, we receive the greatest compensation for our customers.

Compensation for injury during fall

Compensation for losses, the right to which the victim has a right and, sometimes, her / his family, includes:


  • Costs of treatment


    • Loss of earnings , including future lost earnings


  • Moral damage
  • Emotional shock


  • And in the worst case, the loss of love and friendship

Fall is the leading cause of spinal cord injury and brain injury. The damage done to you can be very significant, and you must be sure that you will receive the money that you need to live on after the fall.


What are the duties of the owner in relation to you?

When visiting any type of property, you will be classified either as an invited person, as a licensee, or as a violator of the right of possession. This classification is important, because it affects the owner’s obligations. Before making a claim, you may need to prove to which category you belong.

  • Invited persons are people who have business with the owner or lessee of the property. If you go to a store, restaurant or hotel, you are an invited person. The owner of the property has the strictest obligations to you in respect of you.
  • A licensee is a person who visits the owner for the sake of mutual benefit. If you go to the home of a friend or neighbor, you will be classified as a licensee. You are required to provide an average level of care.
  • Violators of the right of possession penetrate into someone’s property without permission. But even if you are an infringer, the owner may have limited obligations to you. In this case, you can still file a lawsuit against the owner in court.

There are situations in which it is not always clear what category you fall into. For example, you are invited to a party to a neighbor on which he sells, say, plastic containers. In this case, a dispute may arise whether the owner is required to strictly observe caution and the question arises whether you are an invited person (visitor) or a licensee.

What are the obligations of the owner or lessee, will help establish our lawyers in Philadelphia. This matters, because you have to explain once again what are the obligations towards you, then you can prove that the owner or the tenant has violated them and should be responsible for all the losses you incurred because of the fall.

How soon after the fall should you call your lawyer?

The fact that after the fall of time – your enemy – this is the true truth. Evidence in the form of poorly maintained pavement, improperly laid tiles or video with this evidence may be lost, witnesses may forget what happened, or they simply may not be found, and insurance companies will not let you make a statement. The faster you contact us, the better – important evidence can be lost, and no witnesses are found.

DO NOT LOSE. Talk to a lawyer as soon as possible.

The frequent causes of injuries in the fall in Philadelphia

There are many different reasons for the fall, for which the owner is responsible. They include:


  • Conditions for poor lighting
  • Broken ladder marches
  • Poorly marked steps
  • Changes in the surface of the flooring


You must show that these or other circumstances are the cause of your downfall. You also need to prove that either the owner had to correct these circumstances, or notify them in advance, this is called the Proper Notice – one of the main components of the legal action in the case of the fall. A lawyer will help you understand what you have to prove to get compensation, and also help you collect all the necessary evidence.


How can a lawyer help you?

Cases of falling can be quite complex, and you need to know how the laws of Pennsylvania apply to your case. Your lawyer can help you in various ways:

    • Definition of who should be sued (owner of property, lessee, lessor or other responsible party)
    • Collecting evidence , interviewing witnesses and hiring experts for the survey.
    • Negotiations with an insurance company


  • Submission of a claim for injuries


  • Trip to court on your case of bodily harm

Unlike other Philadelphia law firms in cases of bodily harm, where dozens of lawyers of their assistants will deal with various aspects of your case, KaplunMarx lawyers Ted Kaplun and Jonathan Marks will personally be fully involved in your case from beginning to end. Our lawyers will provide you with one-on-one meetings, which deserve every client and his business.

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We help around the clock 7 days a week to the victims of the fall across Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we are always there to help you.

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