Injuries to victims in accidents involving motorcycles are usually much more

serious than in cases of accidents involving other vehicles, and

often include irreversible consequences. Statistics show that more than

in 80% of accidents involving motorcycles result in serious injuries or

death of a motorcyclist. As a result of severe physical harm,

There will be disastrous consequences: loss of work, loss of income, astronomical

medical bills, serious damage to your vehicle or its

loss. It does not matter who you are – Driver, Passenger or Pedestrian who has an accident with

participation of a motorcycle, our lawyers in KaplunMarx are always close to the best

to represent your interests in court.

Let KaplunMarx help you and remember: YOU DO NOT PAY ANYTHING until we

we will win your case.

What are your rights?

The damage caused to the victim of an accident involving a pedestrian must be reimbursed in

compliance with losses. A person whose loved one died in an accident should also

receive monetary compensation for both monetary loss and moral damage,

It was caused by the untimely death of a loved one. Monetary

compensation indemnifies:

Damage caused to the victim of the accident and her family, including:

● Hospital expenses, medical expenses and doctor’s bill

● Past and future lost earnings

● Permanent physical disability, for example: lameness

(lameness), scar (scars), loss of limb (limbs)

● Emotional shock, for example: depression and anxiety; grief and spiritual

flour caused by the death of a loved one

● Loss of love and friendship

● Damage or destruction of property

● Pain and suffering

● Preexistent health (such as an old back injury),

exacerbated by injury in an accident

● Loss of quality of life

● Other reimbursements, depending on the severity of the injuries and their consequences.

How soon after the accident should you call your lawyer?

The fact that after the accident time – your enemy – this is the true truth. Evidence in the form

traces of tires on asphalt or video with this evidence can be lost,

witnesses can forget what happened, or they simply can not be found, and

insurance companies will priprut you to the wall. The faster you contact us, the better –

important evidence may be lost, but no witnesses are found.

DO NOT LOSE. Talk to a lawyer as soon as possible.

Protect Your Rights

After the accident negotiations with insurance companies, registration of a huge

number of documents and attempts to achieve a just settlement of the conflict –

this is the last thing most people want to do. Insurance companies understand this

very good; many people may be too overwhelmed by what is happening than

insurance companies are easy to use, seeking to pay you as little as possible

compensation. Remember that insurance companies are enterprises targeted

to profit and have lawyers working for their benefit. The faster you contact the

by us, the better – the important evidence can be lost, and the witnesses are not found.

NEVER say anything and do not sign anything from the insurance company


Active representation of you in court

Lawyers in KaplunMarx, PLLC are not afraid to fight with large insurance companies and

cope with the most complex cases of consequences of causing harm. Unlike

other firms with many lawyers considering different aspects of your business,

lawyers Ted Kaplun and John Marx will be personally involved in your case from the beginning to the

end. We carefully select cases so that we can give each case its own

attention We will come to you if you can not get to our office yourself; our

attorneys will come to your home, to the hospital or any other place convenient for you.

What will we do for you?

After the accident, it is very important to find a qualified and sympathetic lawyer. Have

KaplunMarx attorneys have extensive experience in representing clients in court who have received

injuries in various types of accidents involving motor vehicles, such as:

Car accidents

Accidents involving bicycles

Bus accidents

Accidents involving pedestrians

Accidents involving trucks

Our lawyers are always there to help you at every stage. We do everything to

win your case: investigating the causes of the accident with you are interviewing witnesses,

We are involved in evidence, such as records of telephone conversations.

To receive compensation, you must prove that the defendant caused his accident

inaccurate driving, as a result of which you suffered. We will help you

provide conclusive evidence that another driver must carry

a responsibility.

In some cases, there may be multiple respondents who potentially

could be liable for damages. For example, if the transport

The tool has worked out malfunctioning, which made you get more serious bodily

damage in a collision, then in this case you can sue like a driver,

provoked the accident, and with the manufacturer of the vehicle. When,

if the cause of the accident was a wagon, you can sue both the driver and his


Why we are the law firm you are looking for:

1. Individual approach – Talk with your lawyer, not with

secretary; We are always available to deal with your

business and answer any questions.

2. Experience – Dispute Resolution Experts

Bodily injuries in KaplunMarx perfectly know the law and all

tricks of insurance companies; We use our experience to help

you get maximum compensation.

3. Results – Lawyers in KaplunMarx received millions of dollars in

reward for our customers Profitability: we strive to get

maximum compensation for all of its clients who

injuries; do not take a word – check for yourself what

our clients talk about our Law Firm.

We help around the clock 7 days a week to victims of accidents throughout the

Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we are always there to help you.

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