Юридическая помощь в случае смерти в результате противоправных действий

Death as a result of illegal actions & quot; means that the person died because of

criminal negligence, inaction or unlawful actions of another person

(physical or legal). Examples include a car crash,

an accident in a controlled entity or an individual,

criminal negligence of the doctor or damage to the buyer – any situation in which

which death was caused by the negligence of the defendant or the other party. These cases

include many factors, and sometimes numerous respondents, therefore

it is important to have a highly qualified lawyer on your side.

Let the lawyers of KaplunMarx help you, and remember that you do not PAY

NOTHING until we win your case.

Do not delay. Talk to a lawyer as soon as possible.

Hiring a lawyer as soon as possible is extremely important, in fact, much more important than any

other kind of legal relationship. In Pennsylvania, deaths as a result of

unlawful actions have a limitation period of two years. The reason why you

A lawyer should be brought in as soon as possible, not only in the prescription period, but also for

Overcoming such issues as the preservation of evidence, the collection of witnesses

testimony, hiring experts to collect the evidence and evidence needed,

to win the case.

NEVER sign anything from an insurance or medical company to

death of your loved one as a result of unlawful acts, and

also do not say anything to them. ALWAYS FIRST TALK TO YOUR LAWYER!

The course of the case on death as a result of illegal actions

One of the most common circumstances that exempts from responsibility in the case

about an accident is that there is a very limited number of people who

may file a claim in the event of death as a result of unlawful acts. These people

are called potential beneficiaries, and in case of death from unlawful

There are concrete potential beneficiaries. If these people do not exist

in the life of the deceased, there is no court case.

Why do you need a lawyer?

With the death of loved ones, as a result of criminal negligence,

it is also difficult from a legal point of view, such cases are confusing, and financial rates

are high. You will need to withstand the onslaught of interested insurance companies.

To maximize your chance to win in business, we recommend not talking

with insurance companies before you do not talk to a lawyer. Insurance

the company, whether it is yours or not, will always strive to benefit for itself; they

know that after an accident people are too depressed, than insurance companies

and use if you do not have a defender.

What types of damage can be compensated?

Pennsylvania’s legal provisions on deaths as a result of unlawful

actions describe certain types of losses that can be reimbursed. AT

The case with the death of an adult may be very difficult because of the

financial questions, including questions about the income that a person could earn in

the course of life. In such cases, our lawyers use accountants or other

financial experts who can give a clear and concrete representation,

what could be the costs of the victim and his family, and the right to what his family would be


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