Адвокаты с наивысшей репутацией по ДТП с участием автобусов SEPTA

SEPTA (Transport Authority of Southeastern Pennsylvania) is an important part of the transport infrastructure of Philadelphia. If you are a passenger, a driver of another car, a cyclist or a pedestrian injured in an accident involving a SEPTA bus , you will need a legal company that understands the intricacies of cases involving SEPTA . KaplunMarx ‘s lawyers for car accidents involving SEPTA buses in Philadelphia have extensive experience in dealing with SEPTA and obtaining cash compensation for victims of the accident.

What to do if you are involved in an accident involving SEPTA

When there is an accident involving SEPTA , many people start to panic because of what happened. Do not panic! The following tips will help you cope with this situation:

  • First of all, seek medical help
  • Ask the SEPTA driver for a form to fix your damage
  • If the police arrived, record the DC numbers
  • Collect all possible information, including the driver’s name SEPTA and / or the license card data of any other driver who is a road accident participant
  • Write down the names, numbers and addresses of any witnesses to the accident
  • Record the route number, time, bus number and accident location
  • Take a picture of the accident site
  • Tell us about your injuries at the emergency room and / or doctor

All these tips will help your road accident lawyers with SEPTA buses to best represent your interests

Let KaplunMarx help you. And remember: YOU WILL NOTHING anything until we win your case

Other accidents involving buses

SEPTA is the most common carrier in Philadelphia, but other bus companies operate in Pennsylvania and New Jersey: Greyhound, Mega Bus, school buses and others. KaplunMarx is also involved in cases of road accidents involving them. The significant weight and speed of these large buses can often lead to serious injuries and disastrous consequences, including damages that can completely change your life, lead to loss of employment and income, and the need to pay for large medical bills.

What are your rights?

This, in fact, depends on many factors, including who is to blame, how serious your injuries are, and against whom you can file a lawsuit (and whether the rules of judicial immunity apply). To damage as a result of the accident involving the bus SEPTA can be attributed:


  • All medical costs for immediate and prolonged treatment


    • Wage loss for any time of absence from work due to an accident
    • Decrease in potential earnings as a result of limiting your ability to work because of a bicycle accident


  • Physical and mental suffering


  • Compensation for causing violent death, which may include loss of life partner, funeral expenses and loss of source of income.

DO NOT STAY IN DAMAGES. Talk to a lawyer as soon as possible.

In Philadelphia and surrounding districts, SEPTA works with buses, trolleybuses, subways and regional electric trains. This means that a large number of passengers use the services of SEPTA daily. As a rule, this transport is a safe means of transportation, but accidents do happen. It is in such cases that you will need an attorney for an accident involving buses SEPTA (or an accident involving SEPTA electric trains ), which will protect your rights.

DO NOT communicate with the insurance company and do not sign its documents after an accident involving a bus. ALWAYS FIRST TALK WITH THE ATTORNEY!

How we win cases of an accident involving buses

The most important factor necessary to win a case involving an accident involving a bus is a proof of negligence. This means that you need to show that the bus driver showed on the road negligence, which led to your injury. Evidence of negligence can be a violation of safety rules or unreasonable carelessness when driving a vehicle.

Perhaps the bus driver during the collision showed negligence, which could potentially make him and the company that hired him responsible for your damage. In addition to the bus driver, other road crash participants can also be held responsible for your damage. If another vehicle crashes into the bus and causes an accident, you can foreclose for damages suffered by this driver. If there are problems with the bus, train or their nodes, the responsibility for your damage can be assigned to the manufacturer of such a vehicle.

The most important call that you must make after receiving medical care is to KaplunMarx , which deals with an accident involving buses. We know how to win business with buses.

As your lawyer, KaplunMarx will defend your interests before transport companies and will ensure that you receive maximum compensation, either judicial or extrajudicially.


What will we do for you?

After the accident, it is important to find a competent and sympathetic lawyer for car accidents. KaplunMarx has extensive experience representing the interests of customers affected by various accidents involving motor vehicles, including:

  • Car crashes
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Accidents involving motorcyclists
  • Accidents involving pedestrians
  • Accidents involving trucks

Our lawyers on road accidents involving buses are ready to help you at all stages. We will help to investigate the causes of the accident, interview witnesses and collect evidence for the trial, for example – printouts from phones that will help win the case.

Why you need our company:

  1. Personal service – you communicate with your lawyer, not his assistant. We are always ready to personally discuss your case and answer any questions.
  2. Knowledge – KaplunMarx attorneys for damage to health have extensive knowledge of legislation and all the tricks of insurance companies. We use our experience to get the maximum monetary compensation for your case.
  3. Results – KaplunMarx attorneys collected millions of dollars for their clients in the form of compensation for damage to health. We always try to get the maximum monetary compensation for all our affected customers. Do not have to take our word for it – find out what customers say about our company.

We help victims of road accidents involving buses throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We are ready to help you in 24/7 mode.

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